Betsy DeVos’s Media Blitz, Recapped: The 10 Most Talked-About Exchanges From Her Sit-downs With 60 Minutes, Fox & Friends, & Today

Betsy DeVos’s Media Blitz, Recapped: The 10 Most Talked-About Exchanges From Her Sit-downs With 60 Minutes, Fox & Friends, & Today

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently appeared on several national TV shows in an effort to promote the Trump administration’s school safety proposals. However, DeVos has been criticized for her performance, as she struggled to answer basic questions and defend the proposals. The White House is reportedly concerned about her lack of preparation and failure to address key issues regarding schools.

One of the main topics discussed was President Trump’s change of stance on raising the minimum age for purchasing long guns. DeVos clarified that the commission she chairs will study this proposal, rather than implementing it immediately.

During her interviews, here are some noteworthy moments:

– On arming teachers: DeVos believes that arming teachers should be an option for states and communities, but acknowledges that it may not be suitable for everyone. She emphasizes that each state and community should address this issue in their own way.

– On school funding and choice programs: DeVos believes that funding should be directed towards students rather than school buildings or institutions. She mentions that in states like Florida where school choice has been introduced, studies show that traditional public schools have actually improved as a result.

– On the impact of school choice in Michigan: DeVos admits that she cannot say definitively whether schools in Michigan have improved overall. However, she recognizes that there are pockets of success and believes that Michigan schools need to do better as a whole.

– On visiting underperforming schools: DeVos states that she has not intentionally visited underperforming schools, but acknowledges that maybe she should.

– On changing Title IX guidance: DeVos emphasizes that one sexual assault is one too many, and one falsely accused individual is also unacceptable. She is committed to a fair process for everyone involved.

– On rescinding Obama-era guidance on school discipline: DeVos states that they are studying the rule and believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. She stresses the importance of considering individual students when addressing disciplinary issues.

During her appearance on The Today show, DeVos clarified her stance on teachers carrying weapons. She expressed that it would not be appropriate to have an armed teacher in every classroom or grade. While she does not have a specific percentage of educators who should be armed, she believes that the decision should be made locally. She dismisses the idea of teachers carrying automatic weapons but supports the concept of educators openly wearing guns, if desired by the community or school.

Finally, DeVos addressed President Trump’s change of stance on raising the minimum age for gun purchases. She explained that the commission will study this proposal instead of immediately implementing it.

Fox & Friends

Regarding Florida’s recently passed legislation that raises the minimum age for purchasing firearms, allows some adults on school campuses to carry weapons, and authorizes law enforcement to seize weapons from individuals who may be deemed dangerous:

"I commend Florida for its remarkable progress in addressing these complex issues within a relatively short timeframe. While other states are also considering similar measures, Florida was clearly driven by immediate circumstances."

On unions and other opponents of school choice:

"We are facing strong opposition from influential entities that are resistant to change the current system. However, the truth is that the majority of Americans support granting parents the freedom to choose their children’s education, and as a result, school choice legislation will continue to gain momentum at the state level.

"At the national level, we will persist in promoting this conversation and encouraging our lawmakers to explore ways in which they can support school choice within their own states, as well as take steps on a federal scale to empower parents in making educational decisions for their children."

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