Depiction Of Ptsd In The Film American Sniper

American Sniper depicts Chris Kyle, a U.S. Navy Sea Seal. Kyle’s mission was to protect his comrades at any cost. He became known as one of America’s most lethal snipers. Kyle struggles to be the father and husband he should to his four tours in Iraq. Chris Kyle soon realizes the lessons learned and experiences from his multiple tours will never be forgotten after he returns home. Chris Kyle was subject to many traumatizing events over his four tours of duty. He later developed posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning home with his daughter and wife. The emotional distress that is caused by events involving imminent or threatened death, severe injury, or threat to your physical integrity, and that causes you to avoid stimuli that can trigger the trauma or feelings of emotional numbness, is known as PTSD.

Chris Kyle is diagnosed with PTSD in American Sniper. Chris would go through his everyday life until he lost his memory or heard a sound. He was then brought back to Iraq to reaffirm who he is and the things he has done. Chris Kyle was responsible for going door-to-door, valeting properties and killing anyone who tried to stop him from fulfilling his duty in Iraq. These actions caused Chris to become traumatized as a father. Chris found it hard to be comfortable in his own skin. He became anxious about being away on the battlefield. Chris seems to be hostile to his wife’s efforts for him to share his experiences. Chris, at home, is anxious and irritable. If the trauma is repeated later, like Chris’s baby crying, the person could experience intense physiological reactions. Post-trauma stress can manifest in a variety of ways. The trauma is now a painful memory. Inconsiderately, trauma interferes with everyday consciousness and functions. Flashbacks and nightmares can make it difficult to sleep because flashbacks and nightmares are more intense than normal. Avoidance symptoms are attempts to avoid the trauma or avoid any feelings. PTSD can lead to withdrawal in the community or at home. Chris would sometimes daydream and doze off like he wasn’t there. His wife used to say, “Chris! You’re here, but not here!”

Chris Kyle saw a psychiatrist to help him re-connect and feel connected to his true self. Chris was a peer advocate and helped other soldiers wounded in some way. Chris enjoyed going to the range with his buddies to get some peace and quiet. Hollywood did a great job portraying someone with PTSD. Chris Kyle was correctly diagnosed by a professional who saw him based on his lectures, readings and notes. The impact of American Sniper is astounding, as well as the lives that it has saved. American Sniper was a film that helped soldiers see that they weren’t the only ones fighting on the field once they got home.


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